Two Notes Before Reading

Magic Card References

Throughout this text, we discuss a number of cards and terms used in the Magic: The Gathering card game. All card references are linked through a JavaScript plugin to Magic's “Gatherer” online card resource. An example of the plugin's functionality is demonstrated as follows: Wizard Mentor. For those who can view images, hovering the mouse over each link will display a tooltip image of the card. The “Gatherer” link offers accessible information about each card (including all ability details, mana costs, and flavor text) as well as how the card’s rules have been officially interpreted and clarified since its printing.

Paths of Reading

While it is possible to read through this webtext linearly, following the arrangement provided in the main menu, we have also attempted to provide multiple paths for any readers looking to navigate across the narratives of research and of the Magic play experience included herein.

These alternate paths, centered primarily on thematic connections between pages, can be followed via the set of “Related Pages” buttons at the bottom of each page.