Open Issue

13.2 Spring 2009


  • An Interview with Larry Sanger

    D. Alexis Hart, Design by Christopher Burnside

    Larry Sanger, a Ph.D. philosopher (The Ohio State University, 2000), was, along with Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of Wikipedia. Sanger is currently the Editor-in-Chief of a new wiki encyclopedia project called Citizendium. He has written and spoken extensively on the subjects of online knowledge communities and what he calls "the new politics of knowledge" in the age of the Internet. He also offers consulting services on the design of online collaborative communities for Internet businesses

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  • Review of Our Space: Resisting Corporate Control of Culture, by Christine Harold

    Marshall Kitchens

    "To readers interested in exploring the ways that the tools of marketing can be used against the dominant discourse and for the common good, OurSpace offers a dense theoretical context for culture jamming in digital and physical spaces, as well as practical examples of turning branding on its head."

  • Review of Trends in Composition: A Professional Development DVD published by Pearson

    Angela Bullard, Kelly Cameron, David Elder, Charlotte Hogg, Amanda Irvin, Jason King, Laura Knudson, Matthew Koch, April Patrick, Kristi Serrano, Joddy Murray

    We enter this review as collaborators from the same institution, a four-year medium-sized private university. Additionally, some of us bring our collective experiences as teachers from small, liberal arts colleges, community colleges, and large research universities across the U.S. Our levels of teaching experience range from first-year PhD students to an associate professor, with scholarly interests from Renaissance literature to new media theory.

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