Volume 1, Issue 1 Spring 1996
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ISSN 1521-2300
Write for Kairos

Coverweb: Online Writing Labs

Online Writing Labs: Should We? Will We? Are We?

Stuart Blythe: Why OWLs? Value, Risk, and Evolution

J. Paul Johnson: Writing Spaces: Technoprovocateurs and OWLS in the Late Age of Print

Camille Langston: Resistance and Control: The Complex Process of Creating an OWL

Jane Lasarenko: PR(OWL)ING AROUND: An OWL by Any Other Name

Suzan Moody: OWLs and ESL Students


Walt Carroll: Get to Know John Burroughs

Johndan Johnson-Eilola: Stories & Maps: Postmodernism and Professional Communication

Tim Krause: Mapping Ecash: Using the Internet for Business Writing

Andrea Lunsford, Rebecca Rickly, Michael J. Salvo, and Susan West: What Matters Who Writes? What Matters Who Responds? Issues of Ownership in the Writing Classroom

Anthony Rue: The Case of Object #143 or A Manifesto of CineTextual Writing

In Box

Fred Kemp: An Open Letter to Kairos

Michael Joyce, Lauren Creamer, Sharon Dolente, Stephanie Harzewski, Heather Malin, and Noah Pivnick: Collaborative Commentary

Pixelated Rhetorics

Dean Fontenot: Turning Technophobes into Technofaculty

Jeffrey R. Galin: Is it Time to Assess Our Claims about Good Writing?

Richard Selfe: ... an interesting list of educational practices that we abhorred.


Corey Wick: Should We MOO What We Can? Kairos Talks With the Proprietors of the Netoric Cafe

Douglas Eyman: News From the MOO. . . CWTA and You?


Nick Carbone: Socrates in the Labyrinth (Kolb)
Douglas Eyman: Writing at the Edge (Landow)
Tyanna Herrington: Being Digital (Negroponte)

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