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Review of Toward Translingual Realities in Composition: (Re)Working Local Language Representations and Practices, by Nancy Bou Ayash

Review by Yasmine Romero


Throughout my podcast, I reference my current IRB-approved research project on Hawai'i Pidgin. This project interrogates how K–12 teachers view Pidgin in the schools; it also is a research action project. I am not a speaker of Pidgin, but I am invested in supporting my students, colleagues, and community members in creating avenues for scholarly and arts-based Pidgin work. All participants have been given pseudonyms.

I also reference my work in assessment at my home institution, which is a collaboration between my colleagues. Our work in assessment can be found on our placement page.

I also include in this page a working bibliography that helped me understand/gauge Nancy Bou Ayash's (2019) work, as well as works I referenced in this review.

Working Bibliography