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Review of Toward Translingual Realities in Composition: (Re)Working Local Language Representations and Practices, by Nancy Bou Ayash

Review by Yasmine Romero

About Me

My name is Yasmine Romero. I am an Associate Professor of English at the University of Hawai'i, West O'ahu. My praxis foregrounds students' lived experiences by not only bringing diversified identities and identification practices into the classroom as pedagogical resources, but also complicating and nuancing the meaning of diversity through an intersectional lens. My work has been published in Across the Disciplines and Critical Inquiry in Language Studies. I teach courses in applied linguistics, rhetoric and composition, gender and sexuality studies, critical race theory and critical pedagogy.

I am currently working on my book manuscript, Decentering, and a research project focused on ideologies and attitudes towards Hawai'i Pidgin or Hawai'i Creole English. I also write speculative fiction, such as my short story "The Daughter of Chief Taga," which was published by Bamboo Ridge Press (Issue 122).


I would like to thank my father, John Romero, for allowing me to incorporate his music into my podcast's intro and outro. The music is titled, "Crossing Guard." He can be reached at jromeropika@gmail.com. I would also like to thank my colleague, Scott Kaua Neumann, for sharing his translation of Hawaiian phrases with me.