Logging On - Spring 2024

Kairos is Hiring!

Kairos is excited to be embarking on a new round of hiring this spring — for two areas of need at the journal. We have a long-standing tradition of hiring co-editors for sections, to balance the load and ensure that co-editors' work complements each others skills and talents. We've been experimenting with a single editor for the Disputation section for a few years now, and we are ready to declare that experiment done! :D So, we are hiring a colleague to work alongside our current Disputation editor, Rick Wysocki. Here is the ad for that position:

Position Announcement: Disputatio Section Co-Editor

New in this round of hiring, Kairos is working to make its entry-level editorial positions even more inclusive, diverse, and equitable. So we are trying another experiment — instead of hiring assistant editors (AEs) who can do copyediting *and* design editing, we are shifting things to hire AEs into one or both streams of production needs: as either fastidious copyeditors or detail-oriented design editors. We have found that having both these skills is becoming more rare, so we hope this change offers better paths for success, potential growth, and professional development for incoming editors. On-the-job training will help folks learn about Kairos's specific processes and cross-train AEs into their less-strong areas, as desired. Some folks may still find themselves drawn to both areas of editorial need (they are good copyeditors and know HTML/CSS), in which case you can apply for both streams simultaneously. The job ad explains this in a little more detail, and we are always open to queries prior to the deadline.

Position Announcement: Assistant Editors