The Available Means of Persuasion: Mapping a Theory and Pedagogy of Multimodal Public Rhetoric

by David M. Sheridan, Jim Ridolfo, Anthony J. Michel

Review by April Conway, Bowling Green State University


The video below is an example of recomposition and velocity as described in the book. I used free videoclips from to create an abstract assemblage, thus rhetorically recomposing texts in a way the original authors/videographers may or may not have imagined. I chose these specific clips primarily for design purposes: the lights and colors are reflected both on the cover of The Available Means of Persuasion and in the banner I created for this webtext, which is also a reflection of the book cover. Using Audacity, I then narrated much of my book review and layered the audio over the video footage to enhance the multimodal nature of the film, and to provide more (aural) access for readers. I used Adobe Premier Pro to edit the video and audio together. Because this review is published online, the speed in which it can be accessed and repurposed can be quite quick while its circulation can be multilaterial. Finally, for additional access, here is a transcript for this video.