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I sat down with Jennifer deWinter during the 2014 Conference on College Composition and Communication. An assistant professor of rhetoric at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) in Worcester, Massachusetts, Jennifer co-directs the Professional Writing program at WPI and works as an associated faculty member with WPI's Interactive Media and Game Development program. I asked her to tell me more about how she began working with the Learning Games Initiative (LGI) and how her work with LGI has changed over the years. In the clip below, Jennifer detailed how she began working with LGI as a graduate student at the University of Arizona and now works as an LGI regional director at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. [Transcript available here.]

A longstanding member of LGI, Jennifer is always working on something games-related; her impressive vita makes me feel like I'm not doing enough. I asked Jennifer about some of her current projects to get a sense of what might be coming out next. In the clip below, she described upcoming projects that deal with experience design in art museums; spatial significance of the women's movement, which emerged in Worcester; and ecological systems. [Transcript available here.]

With each interview, I was excited to hear about the LGI member's current research. Jennifer has several interesting projects coming out, including two edited collections—one on video games and technical communication (co-edited with Ryan Moeller) and one on video game policy (co-edited with Steven Conway). She described these projects in the interview clip below. [Transcript available here.]

Each LGI member has an impressive number of academics that they admire; Jennifer described many of the individuals she follows and mentioned some of their forthcoming projects in the interview clip below. Readers (both new to the field of game studies and those who already count themselves among its ranks) are sure to find exciting material in Jennifer's list. As she noted at the end, "There's stuff to be read!" [Transcript available here.]


Works by LGI Members

This section includes a bibliography of scholarly resources and further reading on games written by Learning Games Initiative Members.

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This section provides advice for those who wish to enter the field of game studies. It also describes further resources for those interested in research on games.

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About the Interviewer

This section introduces the interviewer, Stephanie Vie (at the University of Central Florida), and describes her work with video and computer games.

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