Like a great dinner party, the National Writing Project has always generated robust conversation. One of its latest offerings, the website Digital Is, promises to keep the conversation flowing, this time on the topic of digital literacy. Digital Is provides an electronic space for the exchange of ideas, scholarship, and resources about teaching writing in the digital age. More than just a repository for good lesson plans or relevant articles, the site is designed to foster reflection and to build connections among materials, tools, and teacher- scholars.

The website is organized by three primary themes, Art/ Craft, Teach/Learn, and Provocations, each of which can be accessed by clicking the appropriate navigation link at the top of each page.

Within each primary theme, resources are organized into collections. This organizing principle of collection makes Digital Is an interesting space. When entering a Digital Is collection, the visitor finds not only a variety of materials and resources related to a single subject but also the curator's reflection on why she pulled the materials together. In that reflection and in the introduction to each resource, the curator offers a glimpse into her decision-making processes as she collected and connected materials in an effort to understand the digital world.

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