For a first time user, the Digital Is collection format may seem cumbersome. A visitor who is searching for a particular resource may find it awkward or time-consuming to delve through the layers of a collection. To guide users, the home page of each collection includes a table of contents with drop-down descriptions of each artifact, but new visitors to the site should be aware that engaging with the collections may take some time and effort. Even browsing particularly active discussions within the community forum may be overwhelming as the reader might be offered several links to many different resources.

On the other hand, the richness of the space may not always be apparent to first time users. For instance, a visitor who shortcuts the collection format by using the site's search tool may find a desired resource quickly but might miss the added value of the curator's reflection. For these visitors, the site serves as a storeroom of resources, helpful, but not much different from other teacher resource websites. First-time visitors should take advantage of the Using the Site page as it offers some good tips for navigation, but appreciating the site's rich value may require a few return visits.