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A useful overstatement: We subject ourselves to texts. (Johnson-Eilola, 2012)

So Johndan Johnson-Eilola opened his 2012 Kairos webtext. In tribute to Johndan, who passed away in November 2023, we editors at Kairos thought it was fitting to share a brief, intertextual, multimodal memorial to Johndan. We've remixed his design from his 2012 Kairos webtext, which he encouraged by offering the entire webtext as a .zip file for readers to download and remix. And we've titled this memorial "Among Johndan's Texts" in homage to both his 2012 Kairos webtext, "Polymorphous Perversity and Texts," and his 2010 book chapter "Among Texts." Here, you'll find a collage of quotations from Johndan's work as well as reflections on Johndan from Cindy Selfe and Bill Hart-Davidson.

This hypertext is not a sustained, intellectual inquiry; it's more of a border skirmish or box of curious, conceptual objects. (Johnson-Eilola, 2012)

With Longing and Love,
Kairos Editors Douglas Eyman, Cheryl E. Ball, & Michael J. Faris
with Cynthia L. Selfe & Bill Hart-Davidson