Among Johndan's Texts

Blinded by the Letter

drawing of young woman reading next to the title Blinded by the Letter

"Why are we using literacy as a metaphor for everything else?" (Wysocki & Johnson-Eilola, 1999)

"Too easily does 'literacy' slip off our tongues" (Wysocki & Johnson-Eilola, 1999, p. 349)1

1 "The drawings of people with books . . . come from a collection of clip art produced by the Volk Corporation and the Harry Volk Jr. Studio, both in Pleasantville, NJ, from 1959 through 1968. In the various small books of clip art from which these illustrations come, all the people are white and clearly middle class; there are many illustrations of women and children holding books; if men have printed matter in their hands, it is account books or newspapers—unless they are shown reading to their families" (Wysocki & Johnson-Eilola, 1999, p. 368)