Interdisciplinary Legacies: Interviews and Reflections with Dr. Eileen Landis-Groom and Dr. Angela Beck

An audio interview and multimedia timeline by Amelia Chesley

Acknowledgements & Credits

My deepest appreciation goes to Eileen and Angela for all their hard work, time, and attention as I worked on this piece, and for their mentorship. I'm also grateful to my department for supporting this project and my other audio-based endeavors, as well as to the kind and generous editors of Kairos's interview section. Thank you for working with me on this production.

Music credits

In creating accompaniment and transitions for this interview recording and narration, I adapted portions from the following musical compositions:

_ghost. (2011, March 19). Empty rooms (small theme) [Song].

_ghost. (2012, June 2). Why journey? (small theme) [Song].

airtone. (2021, August 22). Precarity [Song].

airtone. (2019, May 12). reCreation [Song].

Blue dot sessions. (2020, October 28). Eggs and powder [Song]. On Muffuletta.

Blue dot sessions. (2020, October 28). True shape [Song]. On Muffuletta.

Blue dot sessions. (2020, October 28). TwoPound [Song]. On Muffuletta.

Blue dot sessions. (2021, January 17). Nine count [Song]. On Reflections.

Kraftamt, featuring billraydrums. (2018). Perpetuum mobile [Song].

I appreciate all the musicians, instruments, and technologies involved, as well as the Creative Commons licenses and platforms by which these tracks have been made available.

Image credits

Various photos of Prescott and the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University–Prescott (ERAU–Prescott) Campus provided via ERAU's Media Archive

Yearbook pages scanned by Amelia Chesley, courtesy Contrails, ERAU–Prescott's 1990 Yearbook (pp. 22 and 86)

Photos of Eileen and her dog Beanie hiking provided by Eileen Landis-Groom

WAC Newsletter, 1993 edition, courtesy Eileen Landis-Groom; photos by Amelia Chesley

Photos of early issues of The Black Box, my diplomas, and Granite Mountain from office #314, all by Amelia Chesley

Photo of the 2011 Shearwater Engineering Capstone design team courtesy Angela Beck

Rainbow over the Prescott campus photo courtesy Angela Beck

Code licenses & credits

The code and scripts for the timeline were adapted from "Super Simple Timeline" by HTML Codex ( The code and scripts for the image displays and gallery were borrowed from "Litebox" by Andreas Remdt ( I thank both creators for sharing and licensing their work for re-use.

I also snagged a bit of javascript for better managing the timeline audio clips from these kinds folks on StackOverflow. And I of course must thank my genius brother for his generous web design advice.