A Review of Bridging the Multimodal Gap: From Theory to Practice

Ed. Santosh Khadka & J. C. Lee

By Khadeidra (Khay) Billingsley & Kathleen Lewis


In the Introduction chapter of Bridging the Multimodal Gap, "Extending the Conversation: Theories, Pedagogies, and Practices of Multimodality," Santosh Khadka and J. C. Lee described the theoretical foundation of the collection. They explicated the historical lineage of multimodality scholarship, starting with the New London Group and moving to modern multimodality scholars Cynthia Selfe and Jody Shipka. After providing a brief literature review, the editors then outlined the purpose of the book: "This anthology moves ... by helping both veteran instructors and newer entrants into multimodality map its scope and its pedagogical potentials" (p. 5). Khadka and Lee proclaimed their intent, through compiling this collection, to "bridge the existing gap between many theories and practices of multimodality" (p. 8) and expand writing educators' conceptualizations for implementation of the pedagogical strategies described in the subsequent chapters. To close, they provided an outline of the different sections of the text and a concise summary of each of the included authors' contributions.