A Conversation with Kristine L. Blair


At the 2011 Computers and Writing conference, held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, Dr. Cynthia L. Selfe and Dr. Gail Hawisher announced that Dr. Kristine L. Blair was going to become the new editor of Computers and Composition: An International Journal. During the announcement, Cindy mentioned Kris's abilities in the arenas of scholarship, mentoring, and publishing. This announcement propelled me to develop a list of questions to ask Kris on a summer day at her home in Ohio.

Students of rhetoric and composition have most certainly read articles, chapters, and/or texts from Dr. Kristine L. Blair. She has published six books and over forty articles and chapters, won the Charles Moran Award for Distinguished Contributions, and directed and/or served on over forty thesis and dissertation committees; she also edits Computers and Composition Online and now Computers and Composition.

When I started at Bowling Green State University in 2000, I had a direction for my rhetoric and composition doctoral studies, but through Kris's enthusiasm, passion, and commitment to teaching, I was able to see how my research agenda and interests were better suited for the field of computers and writing. Since I completed my studies in 2004, I have matured because of Kris's mentorship throughout my career, her collaboration as a scholar, and her expertise as a publisher. I know I am not the only one of Kris's students who appreciates the attention and nurturing of her leadership throughout the years.

Throughout this interview, my hope is that you gain from Kris's insight into the field—past, present, and future—as she introduces herself, discusses her answers to a series of questions revolving around and inspired by Cindy and Gail's announcement, and shares her many experiences. You may notice that even though this interview is technically divided into three areas (mentorship, scholarship, and publishing), Kris's experiences and answers show the interconnectedness of the field.

Hi there, I'm Kris Blair. I'm chair of the English Department at Bowling Green State University where I teach in the Rhetoric and Writing doctoral program and edit the journals Computers and Composition and Computers and Composition Online.

Interviewed by Elizabeth A. Monske
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