two pictures: one of a mircophone the other of an 18th century woman writing

Podcasting in a Writing Class? Considering the Possibilities


Welcome to “Podcasting in a Writing Class? Considering the Possibilities,” a multimodal project exploring podcasting as a part of a writing class. This text has two main components: a hypertextual webtext and a six episode podcast series. I encourage you to listen to the podcasts and explore the webtext to experience the full article. I focus on the practice of podcasts in our writing classes.

Podcast and Webtext Table of Contents

Each Episode has the full transcript in the lyrics field of the MP3 file. If you do not know how to find the lyrics field of MP3 files, check out my instructions.

This multimodal text is a companion to another multimodal text  “Rhetorical Roots and Media Future: How Podcasting Fits into the Computers and Writing Classroom.” In “Rhetorical Roots” I address how podcasting may be used in classrooms to help students rethink the “old” writing concepts we have been teaching, such as audience, tone, purpose, and context—along with the five canons—in new ways and consider how students may bring the lessons they learned from podcasting back to their print text writing.