Don't Read the Comments: Women's Rhetorical Strategies in the Comments Sections of News Articles

by Bailey Poland


This Appendix contains a list of and links to each of the articles analyzed for this project. Keep in mind that the figures included below were taken at the time of data collection; comments added since have not been counted or assessed. Additionally, some comments sections have been removed from these articles since the data was originally collected, perhaps due to concerns about toxicity in the comments.

Table 3. Articles Selected from Buzzfeed
Title of Article Total Comments Sexist Comments Responses to Sexism
A Canadian University Made This Blatantly Sexist Video Objectifying Female Professors 59 19 19
This Woman Got Abuse On Facebook For Wearing A Feminist Shirt 34 1 9
Florida Woman Calls Governor An Asshole At Starbucks 39 3 1
Maryland Just Made Birth Control, Plan B, And Vasectomies Free 70 9 10
Supreme Court Strikes Down Texas Abortion Restrictions 34 0 0
This Teen Says She Experienced Rape Threats And Serious Injury While Playing Boys Hockey 54 7 8
Here's What You Need To Know About The Rape Accusations Against Nate Parker 52 0 0
This Is What Happens When You Forget To Take Your Birth Control 21 0 0
Donald Trump Is "Carrying The Weight Of The World On His Shoulders," His Son Says 45 0 0
17 Badass Women You Probably Didn't Hear About In 2016 164 7 7
Total 572 46 54
Table 4. Articles Selected from Fox News
Title of Article Total Comments Sexist Comments Responses to Sexism
Frank Luntz: Will Republicans (and Democrats) Listen to What Voters Are Telling Us? 33 1 0
Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem, Madeleine Albright & the Sad Sound of Feminist Desperation 85 39 1
Study of Glaciers' Varied Impact on Men, Women Cost Taxpayers Big Bucks 907 144 4
Abortion Uproar: How the Media Are Painting Trump as Anti-woman 501 19 0
What Teen Girls Really Want from Relationships (Hint: It's Not Just Sex) 159 38 2
Britain's Next Prime Minister Will be Female. Suddenly It's Women Who Rule (or May) 19 4 0
Most Americans Favor Late-term Abortion if Zika Harms Fetus, STAT-Harvard Poll Finds 48 2 1
Planned Parenthood at 100: Growing the Abortion Business and Lawlessness 1,700 99 15
The 2016 Election and Women 92 27 3
Why Women Fake Orgasms 190 69 7
Total 3,374 442 33
Table 5. Articles Selected from MSNBC
Title of Article Total Comments Sexist Comments Responses to Sexism
Why Rumored Beyoncé Biopic of Saartjie Baartman Riled Some Critics 61 10 1
Fan Influx Hasn't Bridged Soccer's Alleged Gender Wage Gap 12 2 1
Amid Backlash to Anti-gay Bills, Abortion Rights Falter 613 122 41
Behind Supreme Court's Non-decision on Contraception, One Man Waffles 84 5 0
Activist Takes Anti-violence Message into Men's Locker Rooms 91 22 2
Trump Shares the Stage with an Ally from across the Pond 61 0 0
Hillary Clinton Takes Aim at Increases in Drug Prices 32 0 0
Team Trump Wants to Debate the Nuances of "Sexual Assault" 85 8 1
Trump Eyes the End of the Roe v. Wade Era 115 10 2
Team Trump Boasts His Win "Shattered the Glass Ceiling for Women" 72 10 0
Total 1,226 189 48