Julia Canzoneri graduated from the Macaulay Honors College at the City University of New York in 2018. She is currently pursuing a degree at Cornell Law School. Her project for the course was live-tweeting the presidential elections.

Brie Cronin received a BA degree in English with a concentration in linguistics and rhetoric from Hunter College in January 2018. She expects to begin a Physician Assistant MA program in 2019. She explored the delegitimizing effects of Dank Meme Stashes on 2016 Candidate, Hillary Clinton.

Iris Finkel is a reference and instruction librarian at Hunter College. She is also responsible for the Hunter College Libraries' website and Digital Initiatives. She completed a MA in liberal studies with a focus on digital humanities at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, February 2019. Iris was the embedded librarian for the course.

Melissa Harden graduated Hunter College with a BA in both English and economics in 2018 and is a special education teacher in New York City. Her project for the course focused on Clinton's visual rhetoric.

Wendy Hayden is associate professor of English at Hunter College. She was the teacher of the course.

Alex Kreichman earned a MS in education at Hunter College in 2018. His project examined the role of political satire, rhetorical situation, and the conflation of entertainment and politics.

Dana Krugle holds a BA in English literature from Hunter College and is a poet and playwright. Her poems have appeared in the online literary journal Red Cedar Review and the risky and provocative "What-Rough-Beast" series by Indolent Books, and are forthcoming in The Bangalore Review; she has also published an analysis in S is for Sentence. She is currently working on a chapbook length of poetry entitled The Fourteenth Moon and a full-length play, Planet Joey. Her project in this class theorized how a close examination of the Hillary-archetype impacted both the election and the ongoing folklore of women.

Rasha Reda earned her MS in education from Hunter College in 2018. Her project theorized an "anti-ethos" rhetoric.

Sarah Parente received a BA degree in English and graduated with a MA in special education in 2019. She is currently working as an elementary school special education teacher. Her project utilized digital annotations of Clinton’s speeches to theorize how the campaign might have misjudged voters' "hierarchy of values."

James Wheaton graduated Hunter College with a BA in political science in 2017. Since then he has continued writing and also spent time preparing for the LSAT/law school applications in the hopes of pursuing a JD. His project for the course was Theorizing the PFC—the Perfect Female Candidate.

Christina Yim graduated Hunter College with an honors English BA degree in the Literatures, Language and Criticism concentration in 2018 and is returning to Hunter College as a pre-health post-baccalaureate student. Her project theorized the effects of Hillary Clinton's rhetoric of silence and listening on her campaign.