This webtext presents a tool for assessing the scholarly value of online journal publications. It is part of a larger study that uses Kairos webtexts to investigate the scholarly nature of online texts. The goal of this larger study is to deliver a rubric as an instrument to facilitate the acceptance of online texts within English Studies as evidence of scholarship for professional advancement. In order to understand more fully how an online text can be recognized and valued for its scholarly legitimacy, it is crucial to explore the nature of successful (published) online scholarship. The assessment tool presented in this webtext is comprised of questions that help to reveal commonalities and deviations in the function and value of traditional (print) scholarly conventions toward defining an emerging genre of online scholarship.


Assessment; Kairos; Online Journals; Online Scholarship; Scholarly Conventions; Tenure, Promotion, and Review; Transitional Scholarship; Webtexts


Many thanks to Cheryl Ball for the design idea and implementation and to Beth Hewett and Cheryl Ball for their insightful suggestions on various drafts of this webtext.