Kairotically Speaking: Kairos and the Power of Identity

Tracy Bridgeford

Dr. Tracy Bridgeford
Associate Professor

University of Nebraska at Omaha
6001 Dodge Street
Department of English, ASH 189N
Omaha, NE 68182


Tracy Bridgeford is an associate professor of technical communication at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. With Karla Kitalong and Dickie Selfe, she co-edited Innovative Approaches to Teaching Technical Communication. She also contributed a chapter to that collection titled, "Story Time: Teaching Technical Communication as a Narrative Way of Knowing." She contributed a book chapter, "Communities of Practice: The Shop Floor of Human Capital" to Resources in Technical Communication, edited by Cynthia Selfe, forthcoming from Baywood Press.

Bridgeford directs the Graduate Certificate in Technical Communication and the Internship Program for the English Department at UNO. She teaches courses in digital literacies, technical communication and editing, information design, and community service writing.

Bridgeford and students in her Capstone Course in Technical Communication worked on a multi-partner, service-learning project with the following schools and programs: Alice Buffett Magnet School, Love's Jazz & Arts Center in Omaha, and the UNO School of Communication, Business School, and English Department (Technical Communication).


Dismantling Kairos 1
Dismantling Kairos 2

Autonomous Technology of Tenure 1
Autonomous Technology of Tenure 2
Autonomous Technology of Tenure 3

Kairotically Speaking 1

Myth of Transparency 1
Myth of Transparency 2
Myth of Transparency 3
Myth of Transparency 4

Kairotica of Kairos 1
Kairotica of Kairos 2
Kairotica of Kairos 3
Kairotica of Kairos 4




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