Kairotically Speaking: Kairos and the Power of Identity




Several people have supported and/or put up with me during the construction of this, my first webtext.

I'd like to thank Karla Kitalong, who is the only person I've ever met who accepts my writing process even though she doesn't quite understand it.

Mike Palmquist, Michael Salvo, and Michael Spooner (or the 3Mikes, as I've come to refer to them) provided insightful comments in their review of this webtext. And, although they may not have intended to, their reviews required me to face what I thought was a well-deserved tone in the first draft and revise with a straightforward approach.

Amanda Linder, a talented and thoughful graduate student in UNO's Technical Communication Graduate Certificate program, graciously taught me CSS and several Photoshop techniques as I was making this webtext.

Cheryl Ball's sense of humor and gracious intelligence always makes me smile. I hope to work with her in an editor-writer collaboration more often.

I'd like to dedicate this webtext to my sister, who suffered a brain aneurysm while I was revising this text. The experience taught me (among many many things), in the words of a former professor, to "get over myself."


Dismantling Kairos 1
Dismantling Kairos 2

Autonomous Technology of Tenure 1
Autonomous Technology of Tenure 2
Autonomous Technology of Tenure 3

Kairotically Speaking 1

Myth of Transparency 1
Myth of Transparency 2
Myth of Transparency 3
Myth of Transparency 4

Kairotica of Kairos 1
Kairotica of Kairos 2
Kairotica of Kairos 3
Kairotica of Kairos 4




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